screening of UNILAG postgraduate /masters students have started

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Prior to the last list that is out,the pgd student have started their registration, and tution fees are beign made,some people still ask me if there would be another list,honestly speaking there is a slim chance of another list coming out,but for those of you that was not recommended an admission all hope is not lost that is why this site is dedicated to serve you when it comes to gaining admission into unilag,with us your admission is very guaranteed.our main aim is to make sure all our applicants get a sure admission with adequate preparation. You can hit me up on 07053125807 so we can start the preparation for the next admission, a sticth in time saves nine.


Post Author: UNILAG ADMISSION Guaranteed

Kelvin ovie erhire is a graduate of the first choice University (UNILAG) also a blogger and entertainer who help student in pursuing their desired dreams in UNILAG.

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