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For those of you that would like to buy the form and do the filling yourself this is a step by step guide on how to go about it.

First type on you Internet address bar,then click on prospective students after that you will be redirected to a page where you will have to scroll down and click on 2016/2017 application for admission then click on start a fresh application click on it and you will see where you are suppose to enter the following information:


First name:

Other name:


Phone no:

Email address:

Pls fill in the following information and click submit,.

You will be ask to print a reference number after you have submited,go ahead and print it out because that is what you will take to the bank,then make your payment of 18,000 insist on the cashier to activate the reference number for you then go back to the same dli site and follow the same process as I explained earlier on then click on continue application you will have to fill the form yourself.

Note that if you make any mistake on the form you might not get that admission so you have to be very carefull in filling the form or you can call us so as for us to guide you through out the process,for those of you that live very far away we can also assisst you in purchasing and fill the form when we are done we send your documents to you through mail box,then you will have to go online to confirm the purchase of the form through the reference number. Our numbers are 07085881362, 07053125807

With us you have a very secured admission.

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Kelvin ovie erhire is a graduate of the first choice University (UNILAG) also a blogger and entertainer who help student in pursuing their desired dreams in UNILAG.

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