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Have you purchase the diploma foundation.   form?then know that you would be undergoing some form of testing which is called entrance exam.

If you want to pass the entrance exan is very easy all you need to do is get the latest past questions and answer,because unilag is of the custom of repeating questions,and also tutorials,all the we have in our store,to get a copy of the past question please call our help lines on 07053125807/07085881362

We have both the soft copy and the hard copy depending on your choice.

To get the soft copy all you need to do is call mr kelvin on 07053125807 to request for our account number after that,you will be asked to pay 3000 to the account,when you make the payment take a photograph of the teller and send to us,after we. Have confirm your payment the your maerial will be send to you through your email,if you don’t have an email is better you create one because most of the school updates are done via email.

To get the hard copy just call the helplines then we will book an appointment for you to come and see us in person inside the school so as for us to give you the hard copy of the past questions.

We also assist in admission processes all you have to do is give us a call or you send test.

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Kelvin ovie erhire is a graduate of the first choice University (UNILAG) also a blogger and entertainer who help student in pursuing their desired dreams in UNILAG.

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