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Applicants who wish to purchase the unilag diploma/foundation form should know the subject combination for the entrance exam.

Last year a lot of candidates who wrote the entrance exam did not put in the required subjects for the exam as a result of that they were denied admission.

The diploma form is sold for 25,000 while the school fees is 400,000.

It is not just purchasing the form that is the most important,but writing and passing the entrance exam is. A lot of candidates who actually passed the entrance exam did not scale through to get admitted via direct entry,so it was like a waste of money for the programme.we are going to assist you from the very begining of purchasing the form down to when you will get admitted finaly into 200 through direct entry,we will assist you in crossing over,we will also tell you the secret of having a very good GP.

We have updated past questions and answers to assisst you get a good mark for the exam,and apart from the past questions,we still have nice tutorial centres outside and inside unilag.

For you to be admitted into the diploma programme you need to undergo a form of testing which is the entrance exam I made mention of above.

After passing the entrance exam do not just jubilate yet because you are still not a student of unilag,it is when you have cross over to 200 level via direct entry after the jupeb final exam that is when you know you are a student.

Most things applicant never knew about diploma is that after the one year programme you can’t just entered via direct entry just like that,you still need to undergo the final stage which is the jupeb exam,that is what will guarantee you for direct entry into unilag full time.

We also assist student in getting a guaranteed admission,our candidates for last year new intake can testify to that,we will make sure your name comes out on thhe merit list.

To know the subject combination and also to secure yourself admission call our enquiry numbers on 07053125807/07085881362 if our numbers are busy just send us a text message immediately we see the message you will get an instant reply.

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Kelvin ovie erhire is a graduate of the first choice University (UNILAG) also a blogger and entertainer who help student in pursuing their desired dreams in UNILAG.

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