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This is to inform all 2017 session dli applicants that there will be an induction training before your resumption date which will be held soon. Are you getting ready for the applicant induction training that will be held inside unilag, at the the DLI e-Resources Centre?  If yes then for those of you that doesn’t know what the Aic training is,we are here to give you a better idea what the induction training is all about,all you need to do is just to take your time to go through this post.

What is Aic

Aic which is applicant induction training is a form of assessment for all DLI applicants.

What is the form of assessment

Applicant who partake in the Aic induction training will be assess on the following;

1. General knowledge of University of Lagos
and DLI.

2. Computer literacy ;this is an opportunity for those of you applicants who haven’t got any education training on computer,you will be exposed to the computer world,like how to register your courses,how to take a test online and assignments.
3. University of Lagos Students Handbook.
4. DLI Prospectus: Regulations guiding the
registration procedures.
5. Familiarity with Unilag and DLI websites
6. General studies registration, rules and
7. Familiarity with internet and intra net
8. Concept and practice of Open Distance
Learning and e-learning terms.
9. Familiarity with and the use of interactive
network like facebook, twitter,instagram etc.

What is the duration of the Aic

Applicant are to be grouped in different batches for the induction training which will be held in one day,you will have to check on our site for your own batch and also the day,do not worry yourself for we are going to give you updates.

Where is the venue

The venue is at DLI e-Resources Centre, back of DLI main office.

What should I come with for the Aic training

Applicants are advise to come with their online printed out application form and also the induction acknowledgement copy,the induction acknowledgement copy will be available for printing on the DLI portal a week before the induction training,so you are being advise to print it out.

If you wish to make any other enquiry and also secure your admission you can call us on our numbers; 07053125807/07085881362

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Thank you all for appreciating our work.





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