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This post is meant for those of you who would like to purchase and fill the dli form on their own,we give you the step by step procedures and screen shots  for a more clearer  understanding.

First you must know how much the form is sold for,dli form is sold for N18,000 and the school fees is N120,000 Dli only have one session in a year, that means you have 5 sessions (5years) to obtain a B.S.c in any of your prefered course except for educational courses which have 6 session which is 6 years.

Click here for the dli courses and requirement

Direct entry click dli direct entry requirements

Required documents to come with for the form

  1. A coloure passport photograph
  2. Oleve certificate WAEC/NECO/GCE/
  3. Birth certificate/sworn affidavit
  4. Secondary/primary schoot testimonial
  5. Marriage certificate and News paper advert, note that this is only required for  married women who will like to enroll their status as married.

Note: for applicants who must have lost or misplaced or rather got burnt their certificate, e.g WAEC,NECO/GCE if you want to retrieve any of the document click on this link below.                                    how to recover your lost documents

And for the news paper advert we can also help you in getting that done.

How to to purchase and fill the Dli form

Step 1 go to any cafe nearer to you in your area or inside the school premises,go online and type   a page will appear like this as shown below then click start a fresh application.


Step 2 you will see where they wrote application type click on it and choose dli unilag after that fill in the empty box like your surname, name etc.

Mark the check box for the terms and condition,then click continue which will submit the application.


Step 3 print out the reference number and take it to the bank and make your payment. Don’t forget to write the reference number on the top of the bank teller.

Step 4 go back online and type the link again

A page will appear like this as shown below then this time around click continue application.


Step 5 enter you reference number and your surname to access the form as shown below so as to complete filling the form online.



If you the whole process is confusing you or you don’t want to make any mistake,because any mistake you make on the form is automatic disqualification, you can contact us on our enquiry numbers,we have our outlet inside the school where we can assist you in the purchasing and filling of the form.

While for those of you that stays very far,if you want us to purchase the form on your behalf we can do that for you base on contractual agreement you can also call our enquiry numbers to find out the whole process.

It is not just buying the form that is the top priority but getting the admission rather is,Unilag is known to be a very competetive school,so you have to backup your admission,we will assist you in doing that.

There is a saying that many are called few are chosen,we can confidently beat our chest to say that most of our candidates are among the selected few that where granted admission last session,why not call now so as to secure your admission.

Our enquiry numbers are ; 07053125807/07085881362 if our lines are too busy you can as well send a text message we will surely get back to you.


There are a lot of people who wish to get information about unilag programmes but are restricted due to one reason or the other,please we would love you to help to share  this information all you need to do is click share and help post on your facebook,twitter and instagram account. Remember to also like the post.



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