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Today is avery wonderful day for all unilag postgraduate prospective applicants,because I want to take my time to pass to you some wonderful information which will be helpful for all.
This post will serve as a guide for all those who will like to make any enquiries of any sought as regard Unilag postgraduate.

Everything is here for you today,i am going to carry this out in form of questions and answers

Hope you are getting ready.

Hence I advised you to bookmark this page or copy and paste on Microsoft word,then print it out when the application form is out.

I see a lot of appplicants getting advise from people that are hardly knowledgeable about the admission workings and requirements.

Why don’t you talk to experts, people that have been in the education dealing for a long time,people who have pass through the system people who knows the right people.
Questions people always ask and answers that works:
1. When will the form be out and how much?
The forms for Unilag Postgraduate is not yet on sale till JUNE. The form will sell for N22,500
2. Can I buy 2 forms?
Yes you can buy two forms and fill 2 difference courses, if you have the cash. some of my past students did, and it worked for them.
3. Where can I purchase the form?
You can only purchase the form inside unilag at any of the below banks;
Wema bank
First bank
Access bank
Eco bank
 You can also  buy the form online,though it’s very cumbersome and stressful if you are not well acquainted with online things.
We have a stand in unilag where you can come so that we will help you in purchasing and filling of the form.

We can help you with the registration, if you dont have the time. All you need is
1. One passport photograph
2. NYSC CERT/ Callup
3. BSC CERT/ statement
4. PROFESSIONAL CERT –If you have any

Note: for people who live far away and want to purchase the form without coming you can do that with us base on contractual agreement,dont worry we are trusted because we have our office inside unilag.
4. Am I eligible?
check with the requirement. also dont just assume, because its so with other schools, it might be different with Unilag. Click here for all courses requirement
5. I am still serving can I still apply?
Yes if you will pass out in October/November.
just upload your call-up letter first then later go and submit the discharge certificate.
6. I don’t have my original certificate?

Then apply for it from your school. use your statement of Result to apply for the main time, but be sure your Original cert will be ready for registration by Dec/Jan, otherwise you are out.
7. When do I submit my transcript?
Transcript is only needed during registration not application,this stage is application so you don’t need transcript now. after the exams you can apply to your school for your transcript.
Note: All Official transcripts in a sealed enveloped should be addressed to:

Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary
school of Postgraduate studies

This is to be done after you gain admission.

8. What Documents will I be required to upload during registration?

The application is Online, you dont buy any physical form like other schools.

when the time comes i will show you the step by step process.
 During your registration of the form you will be asked to upload some documents, find them below

Documents to uploads:

1. Bsc degree certificate/statement
2. NYSC certificates/callup letter
3. Professional certificates (relevant ones)

Please do not upload WAEC certificate, or birth certificate, that is during screening.

9. Can I work and school at the same time?

Yes that is what Par time is for.

You can also work and DO Full Time programme if Possible if your job is not stressful. and if you have shifting job.
It can be arranged with your class governor for assistance.

 I usually advise you to plan your program so that you don’t bite more than you can chew.

10. When is the Unilag master entrance exams?

The exam will come up in September

11. What guarantee do I have that I will get the admission?

We have materials like past questions and answers, and we also have tutorial centre inside campus and outside campus.

For Past questions we have both the soft copy and hard copy for soft copy you will pay the sum of N3000 to our account after we confirm. The payment we will send you the PQ to your mail. It is in Pdf format,but if you are not comfortable with paying online,you can come and get the hard copy inside unilag in one of our stands.
hard copies is N3500, while soft copies is N3000

Contact us for more information on 07053125807

And most of all we will assist you in your admission,we have the right links,your admission with us is very guaranteed.


12. If I make a mistake when filling the form will I be able to edit after submission OR will I have to get a new form?

That is the reason why we advice applicants to come to us before you purchase and fill the form because when you make any mistake rectifying it is very stressfull,but not withstanding when you come we will channel you to the department to make the changes for you.

13. Can I use 2 sitting in WAEC to apply?
Yes you can use two sitting results to apply. Some department don’t really check WAEC, while others do.

14. I have HND, can I apply for Masters?

Yes it’s Very possible but only on few masters courses which are:
 (i) MBA
(ii) project management with experience

(iii) Biomedical Engineering

15. What is the minimum grade to apply for Unilag masters?

Unilag pg takes 2:2, ie below 3.0 cgpa for all courses as minimum and some course take 3rd class

16. What are the Unilag Master courses you can run with third class?

so many courses available for 3rd class.

and many more, you can give us a call to know if your intended courses is not part of it.
17. How much is the school fees? 

18. Does Unilag accept instalment payment?

Yes Unilag now allows part payment, for most courses, so don’t run because of fees.

Unilag started part payment 3 years ago. Its for only Par time students and you will pay about 5% interest of the total fees.

e.g if your fees is N100,000, you break into 2, for instance N50,000, plus 5% of N100,000 you pay per session or pay per semester depending on the arrangement.

19. Can I defer my course?

Yes only after admission. you must accept and pay all fees first. then you can defer.

20. Why are students stepped down or Disqualified even when they passed the exams? 

 Stepped down or disqualified is when you have passed the exams and recommended for admission, the school then checks your papers and finds that you don’t possess the necessary papers you claim, you will be STEPPED DOWN, even if you scored 100% in the exams,that is why it is very important for you to come and see us so we can cross check your document before you apply.

 For example Bsc Economics applying for Msc Finance, you will be disqualified, unilag will surely allow you to buy the form and write the exams.


21.Can i cross from Fulltime to par time or vice versa?

Fulltime cut off mark is higher than par time cut off mark.
The tactics some people uses is applying for Par time and then later cross over to Full time.
Call us for more details about this tactics.

Note:  you can change from low fees course to higher fees course but not reversed. e.g MBA FT can change to MBA PT or Exec but not vice-versa

If your job is flexible go for Fulltime rather than Par time,because its saves cost and time.

 22.Will Master students be provided accommodation?

Yes, but through ballot. so only like 10% can be accommodated. Again call us we would make sure your accommodation is secured.

23. Is working experience mandatory as required in some courses?

Yes. some departments do insist.like Public health, MILR, for MBA dont really count, just you will lose marks, for PT.

24. Can I work and DO Full Time programme?

Possible if your job is not stressful. and if you have shifting job.
It can be arranged with your class governor for assistance.


1. if you don’t have original cert they will bounce you as its necessary
2. if you don’t have Nysc cert they will bounce you.
3. They will ask you to write down your names and even go ahead and stamp it, as if its necessary just to make you feel its part of the process
4. some may ask you to settle before you go.

To avoid all these drama come to us so that we can put you through,so that everything will go smoothly.




25. Can I change my course before exams?

YES. All you need do is to come to us we will channel you to the right department to do so.



To contact us call on the following number: 07053125807/07085881362 Please when You call me and we are busy, send us sms We will reply within 24 hours.

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