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We all know that the JAMB exam is fast approaching and a lot of students are panicking,yes it is normal to panic at the approach of a exam,that is what some people call exam fever.
Have you written JAMB twice or more and yet you don’t score very high? I would advice you to take your time to read this article and at the end of it you will be very grateful u stumble across our website.

A lot of student don’t even know the meaning of the word JAMB,i was shock when I asked a student who came to purchase the JAMB form through me,he said it should be joint Administration and Matric Board” I was just laughing all through,you can imagine someone writing an exam he doesn’t even know the meaning of,then what is the guarantee that he will even pass the exam?
Jamb is joint Admission and Matriculation Board.
The first thing to do before you purchase JAMB form is to know the actual course you want to go for,don’t just choose a course because a friend of yours is going for it,everybody destiny differs a lot,so just be yourself and go for your heart.
Go through the JAMB brochure,if you don’t have the brochure,you can call me to send you the soft copy in form of PDF to your mail.

In this our world everybody needs a guide in one way or the other,even Buhari have special advisers,so you definitely need a pathway,tutorials play a major role in achieving greater score,and when I say tutorial not just a quack tutorial,but we’ll recognize and fully equipped.
We have our tutorial centres where you can come and be structured to blast the exam, we take it right from the scratch,to know more about the tutorial call 07053125807.

Do you know that the number one way to be successful is within you your self?how determined are you,are you ready to make sacrifice, a wise man once said “no pain no gain”
It depends on how much preparation you make before taking the exams.
Do a time table of your reading hours,it helps a lot because it serves as a watch dog to you.

First and fore most entrust God before you start reading,pray to him to open your brain so as to assimilate the things you read,heaven help those who help themselves.
Secondly start revising early,if you start early enough you will find out that all what you are reading will stick to your brains,one of my lecturer once said that if you read a book seventy seven times that nothing on earth won’t make it not to stay in your head,you will never forget what you read in your life,so when you start reading your book in some months before the exam,remember failure this year is going to make you write the exam again next year, and repetition of examination dampens the confidence, you will be amazed that you have almost read it on several time,most time when you are walking you are thinking of what you read.
Thirdly make sure you have enough rest before you read,and when you notice that what you are reading is not keying in to the brains,at this point in time leave the book and rest a little,because even God rested on the seventh day.

This is what I call runs,the best runs to do is to study your past question thoroughly,JAMB are of the habit of repeating past questions, Get a collection of past question papers for the exams you want to write,time yourself and answer the questions as if you were writing the main exam.
While you are busy reading other materials it is advisable you study the past questions a week to the exam, but if you are not able to cover all the past questions do not panic, go to the exam hall with confidence.

The night to the exam please don’t even bother to read any material again,because during that time the panic will be high,just make sure you have a good rest,and wake up on time,when you get to the hall make sure you don’t stress your self,just sit down and chill for everyone to be present.

Yes I know it sounds funny,please avoid sex during your preparation for the exam,i won’t say much,use your tongue to count your teeth.

Say a short prayer before you start your exam.
Attempt all the questions you know you can answer,do not waist your time cracking your head on one question especially for CBT candidates,once your time is up the computer will log your session out.
Do your best and leave the rest for baba God.
Apply these principles and see if you won’t come back to drop an appreciative comment.
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