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Someone called me late at night around 2:00 am, and he was asking me how much is the tuition fee for Unilag diploma,i was surprise that he called in an Ungodly hour, but something in me tells me this person is in dire need of information, and that is what we are here for, to update you all, 247 around the clock.

The Unilag diploma form is out and you can get the form for 25,000.

For people that lives very far,we can as well purchase the form on your behalf without you even coming,but that will be done base on some contractual agreement.

A lot of Jamb applicants are already scared because they think this year’s Jamb will be very tough and security tight, that is why you have to get the Unilag diploma form as a means of back up for you admission into Unilag.

Do you also know that if you make adequate preparation your exam will be like water to you,and when I say adequate preparation I mean getting the Past questions and answers, and also attending a very good updated tutorial.

Not just those bread and beans tutorial that most of the teachers there are not even graduate,and they are lecturing undergraduate,very funny right?

Now is the time for you to plan ahead for the Unilag diploma,because there will be an entrance exam.

We have updated past question in different formats we have it in PDF that is the soft copy and also in hard copy which is available for pickup in any of our outlets inside Unilag.

The soft copy is 3000

The hard copy is 3500

How can I purchase the past questions and answers?

Depending on what you want,if you want to purchase the soft copy all you need to do is to pay the said sum amount to our account, our account will be made available for you when you call our lines,after making payment you will send us the teller number for confirmation,after we confirm the money you will be ask to provide your email address,after which we send it to your mail directly.

While the hard copy can be picked up inside Unilag,we have our office in Unilag shopping complex,where you can come with the money and it will be given to you in hard copy.


Now the big question is how much is the school fees?

The tuition fee  for Unilag diploma is N350,000 that’s quiet a money right,yes I know but one thing I assure you with is never to be scared to initiate a success moves.

The Unilag diploma allows you to study any program of your choice as long as the normal regular students are doing it.

Unilag admission guaranteed team is always available to help you in what ever updates you need and assistance.

We will be launching our whatsapp group chat for all our students,in that group we will keep each and everyone updated and we will discuss the possibilities of helping each and everyone in any way we feel we can.

To join the whatsapp group just send us sms to my whatsapp number 07053125807 indicating your interest in the whatsapp group.

Why don’t you come to the experts,people who went through the system people who have been in the system for years.

Have you been finding it difficult to gain admission into unilag,now is the time for you to write your exam once and blast it.

I don’t brag but I have to say this that 60% of our students are always on the merit list.

One thing I guarantee you of is getting the admission even if your situation is so bad we can still help you out in at least in the supplementary list.

Why don’t you call or drop your question on the comment box.

Our contact information are 07053125807 /07085881362


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