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In a few weeks from now the JAMB exam will be over, and to shock you all your results will be sent to your mail within 24 hours,after that what next? Scoring 200 in JAMB doesn’t guarantee you admission into Unilag, especially when you are going for a competitive course like ,Medicine,Engineering, Mass Communication and law.

The plain truth is that some candidate score as high as 230 -240 and still ┬ádon’t get admitted into Unilag,do you know why,it is because Unilag is a very competitive school,it has less activities of cultism,it equipments are word class,even most company’s give more preference to Unilag before any other institution in the place of Jobs.┬áLast year I told my Jamb students to apply for the Diploma programme as a means of back up for their JAMB.

Some of them listen to me and purchase the form and to God be the glory their performance was excellent.

Do you know why? Because they joined our whatsapp goup chat, some attended tutorial some got the past questions and studied and memorize it.

I will break them in parts for you to understand what I mean.


In that group we discuss possibilities of questions likely to come out,the whatsapp group is aimed at making everyone gets admitted into Unilag,and the most of all, we drop top secrets there about admissions, infact it has been one of our best tools of making students get admission.

And to top it all it is completely free no charge attach to it,maybe in subsequent years we might be charging for it,but for now it is absolutely free.


We have our tutorial centres outside and inside Unilag depending on what suits you more,but that is not free at all,but the goodnews is when you register for the tutorial you will get a free past questions and answers.

One of the super sweet part of the tutorials is that during the days you attend the tutorial we will be having a pre entrance diploma exam for all our students this we will do three times during your lecture days, the outcome of the pre entrance exam will determine who really needs assistance,and we of course will use our influence to make sure your admission is guaranteed.

Weather your performance is good or Bad we will still assist you.


Unilag is of the habit of repeating past questions from year to year,Unilag is a porshe school that doesn’t like stress.

If you have a friend in Unilag he will tell you the same thing, that Unilag always repeat questions even for their undergraduate exams.

Even if you don’t have the money to attend the tutorial,you can as well get the past questions and join the whatsapp group.


Now before I say anything let me ask this question firs,if your father becomes the president of nigeria tomorow,do you think getting a Job won’t be easy for you? Infact your life will change for good.

Like wise Unilag,if you have someone in the system do you think getting admission will be difficult? We all know the answer.

I am not saying you must know someone in Unilag to get admission oh.

With your hard work,Gods grace and mother luck you will definitely get admission.

What I am trying to prove here is that you must reach a certain score for you to be assisted.

If you are coming to us empty headed we will never assist you.

So your must be ready to read before we can render assistance to you.

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To contact us for more information and to get added to the whatsapp group call us on 07053125807 or you drop your comments on the comment box below.

Call and join thw winning team.

“Your admission with us is securely guaranteed”

Post Author: UNILAG ADMISSION Guaranteed

Kelvin ovie erhire is a graduate of the first choice University (UNILAG) also a blogger and entertainer who help student in pursuing their desired dreams in UNILAG.


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