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This post is meant for dli freshers and also the dli returning students.
Having a good grade in dli is the most easiest thing to accomplish in unilag.
It is as easy as betting Barcelona straight win and no goal goal against arsenal home and away.
Arsenal fans please am sorry am only trying to make a point here.
Let’s get serious now,do you actually know you can come out as one of the best graduating student in Dli? How is that possible right?
I will tell you how possible it is,just take your time to go through this article.
No. 1 Lecturers note
One thing dli lecturers doesn’t joke with is their lecture note,whenever you come to the school to receive lectures,always have it in mind that you must jot or write down what you are been taught in school for that day.
In most cases some lecturers do have a photocopied note that they give to your class governor to share in the class,please when ever they are sharing lecturers note always collect a copy for yourself,if you are not present for that day you can call a friend to keep yours.
No 2. Read immediately the end of a lecture
I remember a friend of mine back then in Unilag, when ever a lecturer leaves the class,he immediately goes through the topic the lecturer just took.
You can also as well try that,immediately your lecturer leave the class,take the note out and start revising what he just taught you immediately, I bet you what you read will stick to your head like a magnet.
A lecturer once told me that if you read a book for seventy seven times,nothing on earth can make you forget that book you read again in your life.


No. 3 Assignment and test
This in-fact is what I called the “koko” do you know why?dli as a whole don’t joke with their test and assignment,if you don’t attempt the assignment for some courses,i can confidently tell you,you will get a big “fatai” which is F,sorry for the slang am using, I must get to to the root and make sure this post sink even in the brain of a lame man.
The assignment is being done online through your LMS Don’t worry I will make a post on how to do assignment on lms very soon.
Now back to the assignment matter, try to make sure you attempt the assignments and test,even if you are not chanced you can contract it to someone who you know is always updated.
Like for instance we have a stand inside unilag where you can come and see me,so that we can talk on how I can be helping you out with assignments base on contractual agreement, and not “base on logistics oh” funny right? yeah. Little humour is good for the mind.
No. 4 Residential lectures
In my earlier post I talked about residential period,don’t worry I will be making a full post about Dli residential lectures this week,mine is to prepare you in advance for the journey ahead.
Residential is the period where all dli student will move in to the school hostel,each and every dli student will be allocated a hostel for the period of 3 weeks,one week revision and two week exam. During that time you are expected to be on leave.
Try and attend the residential revision because 80% of what they will revise will definitely come out in your exam.
For those of you that works with an organisation,you cannot be taking leave any how now,just know that during your 5 years programme in dli you have to know when to go on leave and it should be during the dli residential period.
There is a letter that dli will give to those working in an organisation,that letter is containing a plead from the University to allow you come for the residential period.
The residential period for freshers normally falls during the month of December.

While that of the returning students is toward the month of November.


No. 5 Dli past questions and answers
The dli Past questions and answer is also another way of getting good grades,like I always said,Unilag is of the habit of repeating past questions year in year out.
Try and purchase the  past questions and answers so as for you to study and if possible cram it.
The past questions and answers are also available for pick up at our stands inside Unilag.
No. 6 Download materials from your portal
Dli have now made it easier for students to get material on their portal online,pending when your text books(modules) will be ready.
To download the materials for your courses, log on to your lms page and click to download the topic or course.
No. 7 Group reading
Never underestimate the power of group reading,try and make friends the very start of your lectures,and not just the un serious ones.
There is a saying that two good heads is better than one.
Form a bond,share ideas,quiz yourself and you will find out that at the end of the day you will be fully loaded.
Note that forming a group is not a reason for you to mess yourself up with the opposite sex.
Apply these seven steps and see if you will not come out being one of the best students in Dli.

Your exam will be a work over!!!

I know some of you will later thank me for all this advice.
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