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How long is the dli unilag programme duration?

This question I often get from fresh applicants,nobody wants to waste his time at all,everybody wants things to be done faster especially when it comes to Education.
Dli program is a very fast program it is being run for five years, after the programme you will be awarded a B.S.c degree,that five years is divided into five sessions they have one session per year in which you come for lectures twice or once in a month.
note that lectures will only hold only on Saturdays, dli have what they call the residential programme.

Residential programme is usually held every end of the year that is the duration you write your exams it is also the duration in which the regular student would have to evacuate the school hostel for the dli students, each dli student will be given hostel in the school for exam revisions and exams for three weeks, though it’s not compulsory but it is recommended you be around because a lot of revision and assignments which will be given,
talking about assignments take note that dli doesn’t joke with assignment, so if u don’t attempt your assignment know that you are joking around with carry over, and also try to get class notes, because your class note consist of 50 percent of your exam, while assignment carries 30 marks.

Note that people going for Educational courses usually use 6years for the programme.
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