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Unilag postgraduate form is finally out,and the form is sold for 22,500
The form is not a physical form unlike other school,but everything is been done online.

The school fees depends on the particular course you intend applying for.

Sale of Application Forms commences on Wednesday, 7thJune, 2017 and ends on Friday, 28th July, 2017.

Completed Application Forms are to be submitted online not later than Friday, 4th August, 2017.

This what we normally do we set a date for a general meeting in Unilag where we will check your documents and also assist you in registering the form online we will start on the 13th of June, so if you are interested you can join your other colleagues, we will all get to rub minds together.

You are to bring the following with you when coming to purchase the form

1.Original B.S.c certificate or transcript let me explain this part very well, it is only when your Certificate is not yet ready that you will be requested to provide your transcript,but if you have your original certificate then there is no need for transcript.
Your transcript will only be requested for during screening.
2. NYSC discharge certificate or exemptioncertificate let me clear the air on this,if you are currently serving and you are sure you will be through before the screening starts then you can apply.
You will be requested to bring it along with you during your screening.
3. Waec certificate (optional)
4. Professional certificates
5. 4 coloured passport photographs
This leads to the following question before you apply;
Do you want to make lots of enquiry but don’t know where and how to go about it?
Are you ready to purchase the form this year?
Have you written the postgraduate entrance exam and still did not make it?
Are you ready to write the entrance exam and pass once and for all?
Do you want advice on what course to go for?

If yes then take your time to read this article because I will be explaining everything you need to know here in details.

There are three things you should have in mind before you apply.
1. Eligibility for the proposed course of study
2. The Fees associated with each programme
3. The Format and structure of the exams

1. Eligibility for the proposed course of study
General Requirement
An applicant for admission to a programme shall be:

1. Must possess a Bachelors’s degree of this University or any approved University;

2. A person who holds other qualification(s) recognized by senate of the University of Lagos;

3. In addition to (i) and (ii) above, an applicant may be required, as a condition for admission, to undergo a selection process in the form of written and/or oral examinations.

Please and please don’t just apply without making proper enquiry about your preferred course of choice.


2. The Fees associated with each programme
The tuition fees for each Postgraduate programme and course differs,depending on if you want to go for full-time or part-time.
The duration for full-time is one year
While the duration for par-time is two years
See also: unilag postgraduate school fees

3. The Format and structure of the exams

There will also be an entrance exam,the question now is how prepared are you for the exam?because the form will only be sold for two months.
Do you also know that Unilag has a penchant for setting their questions from the past questions. Most of questions of the postgraduate ( say 70%) are always from the past questions. Its not only in postgraduate entrance exam that the school set questions from past questions. but also in the school examination. Ask any Unilag student, he/she will tell you how much  they cherished their PQ (as past question is fondly called among students in the school). Setting new questions from past question has become a culture which is religiously followed every year. Therefore, every students aspiring to gain admission into Unilag must get and practice rigorously the Unilag entrance past question.
We have the past questions and answers for all courses, we have the soft copy and hard copy depending on your choice, the soft copy is sold for 3000 while the hard copy is 4000,the soft copy is readable in all device e.g techno phone, I phone, Samsung galaxy tab, and Blackberry. to order for yours call 07053125807.

I made a post on the difference between par-time and full-time click here. To get more info.

Do you also know that you can use your third class degree to do your master in Unilag?
I also made a post earlier on about the master courses you can run in Unilag with a third class to find out click Unilag third class master courses.
Every year tens of thousands chooses Unilag as their prefered postgraduate choice. Last year alone, over 50,000 applicants seeked admission into the University Postgraduate programme.
But! How many of these students were eventually admitted?
Just a small chunk of the multitude (say 20%). Last year, when we have over 50,000 students seeking for admission placement, slightly over 9,000 students were eventually admitted, and this is how it is every year. Imagine yourself vying with over 500 students for admission into a department and out of the lot only 90-100 students will be admitted (as it happened to most people last year). If you can just sit down and think about it, I’m telling you its quite frustrating.
Some applicants are always complaining that they wrote the Unilag postgraduate twice, and still Unilag does not want to give them admission,No! Is not that Unilag does not want to give you admission,That is not how it works Now, the thing here is that there are some secrets these set of applicants needs to know about Unilag which they have never think of, this is what I called ‘UNILAG ADMISSION SECRETS’. lots of student out there just go out and choose Unilag without knowing the rudiments of admission process in the school, they rely on mother luck to get admitted. This I can tell you is not always the case, there are some hidden secrets you need to know about the school, which if followed couple with adequate preparation guarantees your admission into the school.
I will not be revealing that secret here because of it sensitivity, but I will give you the opportunity for you to get access to it if you will join our whatsapp group,in the group we will be giving you updates and we also make sure we provide you with adequate informations.

Apart from academics you will get to meet new people and also you will be open to possibilities, last year I know of some of our students who got a well paying Job through our whatsapp group.

A bank branch manager in one of the new generation banks was among those who participated in our whatsapp group, and to God be the glory he was able to assist 3 people in securing a Job.

It is not just academy alone, we never can tell where we will all meet again,who knows the help I render to you all will also fall on my progeny.
If you are interested in the group send a text message or whatsapp message to this number: 07053125807
Are you staying very far or out of the country or rather you are too busy at work and you want to purchase the form? This is what we normally do in cases like this,we will help you to purchase and register online the application form.
We will do that based on some contractual agreement, do not worry you are very safe with us,this is not our first time, we have been into Unilag admission for over 5 years now, we have a stand inside Unilag that we use to register applicants, and we will also scrutinise your documents to make sure that you do not waste your money in purchasing the form, and at the end of the day get disqualified,because Unilag is a very funny school,they will allow you to buy the form and still write the entrance exam.
But when you go for your screening and they notice any error, the way you will be embarrass by the screening officers,you will think maybe you have killed someone.

That is why it is advisable you meet experts that knows the in and out of Unilag, when you come to us we will let you know the courses you are eligible to apply for, and if you are confuse we will also render our help to you.

The question now is, how sure am I that my name will definitely be on the admission list?
That is why we have the group chat,there we will be revealing to you some secret on how to pass the exam and get the admission, we will also render admission assistance help to those that are in need of it.


If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number on 07053125807 or you can drop your question on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.
For more information and admission assistance call the following numbers;

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