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If you would like to purchase the Unilag postgraduate form, then it is important you know the required document you should come along with to register online,because you will be required to upload some of your credentials, today I will let you know what to come with for the registration of the application form,below is a list of the document you are required to come with;
1.Original B.S.c certificate or transcript let me explain this part very well, it is only when your Certificate is not yet ready that you will be requested to provide your transcript,but if you have your original certificate then there is no need for transcript.
Your transcript will only be requested for during screening.
2. NYSC discharge certificate or exemption certificate let me clear the air on this,if you are currently serving and you are sure you will be through before the screening starts then you can apply.
You will be requested to bring it along with you during your screening.
3. Waec certificate (optional)
4. Professional certificates
5. 4 coloured passport photographs

All these are what you are advice to come with when coming to fill the Unilag postgraduate application form.
You can also contact us for help in purchasing the form,because we have a stand in Unilag where we assist students in the registration process.

There will also be an entrance exam for all applicants,we have the past questions and answers to help you with that.
We have the Soft copy and the Hard copy.
The soft copy is sold for 3000 while the Hard copy is 3500,The soft copy can be readable in any android device or phone,it is in PDF format,the benefit you stand to gain from the soft copy is that while you are in a traffic or in your place of work you can be reading it on your phone.
While the hard copy is the printed out copy,that you can pick up in our office inside Unilag.
To purchase the past questions contact 07053125807


If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number on 07053125807 or you can drop your question on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.
For more information and admission assistance call 07053125807/07085881362

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