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On my earlier post,i told you all that will walk you through from the beginning and the ending of the exam.

Have you printed out your exam pass? If not do that before you enter the examination hall, without the exam pass you wont be allow entry into the exam hall.


How To Print Out The Exam Pass

  • To print out the exam pass, all you need do is to log on to the registration portal and you will see a link “Print exam pass” on top of the portal page after login in.

If the ‘print exam pass’ link is not visibly there, it means the pass is not yet online. You may have to keep checking till the link is present and ready to be printed out.

  • Just click the link and if the pass is available, you will be able to print it.

To login, click Unilag Postgraduate registration login and enter your details.

  • Enter Your application or reference number and surname(in lower case) as password.
    Note: The pass might not be online until few days(like a day or two) to exams. Even so, atimes few hours to exam.

The general timetable for the Entrance Exam is now online and you view it via this link;2017/2018 Unilag Postgraduate Entrance Exam General Timetable


today below are the following department that will be writing their exam.

VENUE:JELILI OMOTOLA HALLS A, B, & C (Afternoon Session: 2.00pm – 6.00pm)
PGD in Anaesthesia (F/T)
Master of Science in Anatomy (F/T)
Master of Science in Biochemistry (F/T)
Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (F/T)
PGD in Biomedical Engineering (P/T)
Master of Science in Clinical Pathology (F/T)
Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy (F/T)
Master of Science in Haematology & Blood Transfusion (F/T)
Master of Science in Medical Microbiology (F/T)
Master of Science in Medical Parasitology (F/T)
Master of Science in Pharmaceutics & Pharm. Microbiology (F/T)
Master of Science in Pharmaceutics & Pharm. Technology (F/T)
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (F/T)
Master of Science in Pharmacognosy (F/T)
Master of Science in Pharmacology (F/T)
Master of Science in Physiology (F/T)
Master of Science in Physiotherapy (F/T)
Master of Science in Medical Physics (F/T)
Master of Science in Clinical Chemistry & Molecular Diagnosis
Master Degree in Molecular Diagnosis
PGD in Molecular Diagnosis
PGD in Health Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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