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For those that have been waiting for the 2017/2018 form for Unilag’s distance learning institute (DLI), I would like to let you all know that the form is officially out on sale.

For those who are still confused about how to categorize DLI in unilag, DLI is a faculty in unilag that offers lectures and gives those who are unable to attend lectures on a regular basis the opportunity to still attend lectures and still obtain a degree like every other student in the university. DLI students are more like the regular unilag students. The only simple difference between the regular students and DLI students is just that DLI students don’t receive lectures as the regulars do and DLI students don’t go for NYSC; but every other activities are the same i.e same faculties, same library, same hostels, same school portal and finally, same certificate at the end of your program. DLI students don’t serve but are given an exception certificate which is also accepted in organizations as much as the NYSC discharge certificate.

The process of the registration is usually in two ways and can be confusing at times which is why don’t advice an absolute fresher to rush into it because one little mistake can cause you the entire admission. A lot of documents would also be required for the registration; documents such as your waec certificate, primary/secondary school testimonial, and Birth certificate .

The might be entrance examination this section because the federal government has reapproved post UTME as a means of admission into universities and polytechnics.
So I will strongly advice that all prospective candidates get the entrance exam past questions and start studying ahead of time.
To get the past questions call 07053125807
For a guaranteed admission process and  registration, you can contact the following:

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