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Department OF Adult Education
The Department of Adult Education Department offers three Postgraduate Programmes:
Master in Adult Education (M.Ed.), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). These programmes are designed for students who will be able to handle high-level study and research leading to production and development of high-level manpower and development of highly rated professional skills.
 Areas of specialization include:

a. Adult Literacy and Non- Formal education

b. Community Development and Social Work Education
c. Manpower Training and Development and Social Work Education
d. Adult Education Management
Master of Education (M.Ed.) in each of the specification Admission into the M.Ed. programme in any of the areas of specification is open to candidates who posses:
a. The Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education of the University or other approved Universities; (b)
a Bachelor’s Degree in Education other than Adult Education; (c )a good Bachelor’s Degree in disciplines other than Education with a PGDE. All candidates may he required to undergo a selecti process.
b. Only holders of honours degree in the areas specified above are qualified. The required area specialization must he indicated in the form.
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Adult Education
Admission into the M.PhiI programme is open to two categories of candidates.
a. Candidates who already post M.Ed in Adult Education, with a CGPA of at least 3.50 and
(Drawing- Adult Education)
b. Candidates who already posses a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education with at least a Second
Class Honours Upper Division.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Adult Education
a. The M.Ed. Degree in Adult Education with the minimum CGPA of 4.00
b. The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Degree in Adult Education of this or any other
approved university
The course content involves lectures and seminars in Community envelopment and Social work;
Adult Education Methods, Adult Education Management, Adult literacy and Non-formal Education and Gerontology
Master’s Degree students are expected to write a project, while M.Phil. students write a Dissertation and Ph.D. candidates write a Thesis ‘n completion of course work. Administration of all the three Postgraduate programmes in the Department is governed by the regulations of the Postgraduate School.

M.Ed. 12 calendar months or two semesters
M.Phil. Two academic sessions or four semesters
Ph.D. Three academic sessions or six semesters
M. Ed. graduates are trained to take up jobs in relevant careers in government establishments, NGOs and International organizations. They can be appointed as manpower development managers and trainers in companies, banks, financial houses and industrial establishments. They can also take job careers in staff development in the workplace, agriculture and extension services and in community development and social work. M.Phll. and Ph.D. candidates are trained to
undertake research teaching career in universities, university institutes and other research oriented institutions and agencies. Ali the Postgraduate products could pursue research, training and development consultancy services in banks, financial houses, manufacturing outfits, parastatals and development donor agencies.


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