35 Facts You Must Consider Before Running a Postgraduate Programme In Unilag

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Before applying for this year Unilag Masters, it is important you put some facts into consideration before embarking on that trip.

I will make sure I get you updated from time to time so that you can be ahead of others,

Below are the Factors,please take your time to go through it.

35 Factors To Consider on Unilag PG

1. You need 2.40 CGPA to graduate in Msc level or you are likely to repeat

2. Most MSC require that you have a 2:2 cgpa to used for msc not 3.0cgpa

3. To use your MSc for PHD you need 4.0 CGPA min at MSc level, which will be a thug of war.

4. Your eligiblity  for exams depends on your attendance in class,which must be 75% .

5. All lecturers take attendance in class using a sheets where each student writes down names and matric number managed by class governors.

6. There are impromptu Tests and class assignment.

7. Some lectures for Full-Time starts early as 8am and wont stop till 4pm daily.

8. Some lectures hold daily Monday to Friday and even Saturdays e.g Public Health.

9. New courses require new skills and so need your attention to even grasp.

10. Traffic takes averagely 2 hours from wherever to Unilag, especially from VI/lekki/Ajah/Apapa

11. Your Boss or company does not care, you were employed to work 8am-5pm, so no excuse and some lectures start by 4pm

12. Your family needs your attention at Home, especially new couples/new kids

13. You will need to budget at least N30k or more monthly for transport/Fuel and unavoidable issues

14. A lots of assignments, Tests, Term papers, Presentations, seminars papers delivery, and classwork

15. There is only 24 hours In day, no time to waste

16. 95% of the lecturers gives Notes

17. A semester is averagely 6months

18. No Sunday lectures in Unilag

19. Most PART TIME is Weekday lectures in the evenings, very few are Saturdays

20. Your Immediate Family needs your attention

21. Religious commitments and other social commitments needs your attention

22. If You Fail any core course you will have an extra year

23. If You Have an Extra year for just a course, you will pay Full School Fees

24. Most Part-Time is evenings, 5pm to 8pm weekdays

25. MSc in Unilag are treated like Undergraduate, very very stressful

26. Be ready to make sacrifices.

27. EVENING CLASSES closed By 8pm

28. Lectures still go on if there is fuel scarcity in the country

29. some lecturers don’t allowed anyone entry after they started lecturing

30. Whenever ASUU goes on strike,Unilag Postgraduate joins.

31. Each lecturer has a textbook Authored by them,and sells it as course materials

32. No Handout sales – against the law

33. Some course like LLM and the likes do a lots of presentation and seminars
34. Your certificate is ready same year you finish – no delays
35. Your project can delay your graduation. so avoid some saddist lecturers for your own good.

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