How Much Funds Do I Need For A Master Degree In Unilag

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The idea of studying for a Masters degree,immediately after a Bachelors degree or NYSC is not new. While some have a divergent views, it is better than to be idle or engaged in almost fruitless job search. The choice of Master degree must be well thought, especially financially. In Nigeria, education at first degree level is heavily subsidized, thus studying for a Masters in Nigeria is a different kettle of fish.

Some of my friends saved during NYSC and it gave them a head for their Masters, but sincerely the funds didn’t do much. So it is important to count the cost. Do you have enough funds to run a postgraduate program. Note that it is not necessary to have a lump sum, but at least having an idea of the total cost would help. This post applies to studying in Unilag, how much funds do you need for a masters degree?


To complete a Masters degree in Unilag, you will be spending on all these items listed below. The amounts given are not fixed, but just an idea is given.

  1. APPLICATION FORMS: The first step towards applying for   Masters degree in Unilag is the purchase of an application form. University of Lagos (UNILAG) sell for 22,500 naira and 25,000 naira respectively.
  2. TRANSCRIPT/CERTIFICATE: The postgraduate application must be accompanied by your first degree Certificate, but if your Certificate is not ready die to one issue or the other,then you can request for a transcript, transcript are gotten from the previous institution of learning.Many Nigerian universities use transcript request as money making venture and sometimes make it difficult and frustrating to obtain. Transcript can cost you between 5,000 naira and 15,000 naira. TASUED years back charged 8,000 naira, to produced academic transcript. To ensure the transcript gets to its destination and at the right time, you may need to collect it by hand and send it yourself- another cost. For our budget – 8,000 naira
  3. TUITION: The largest chunk of financial needs for your Masters degree will most likely be tuition. Don’t mind some universities that charge low amounts and boxed it up with dues, internet fees, association levies and so on. By tuition, it means everything on the invoice that is compulsory for Masters every student to pay. Virtually all first generation universities charge a first session fee between 95,000 – 170,000 naira. This is for the first full academic year. The second year, which should be for research and thesis writing has a lesser tuition fee. But not that you would keep paying tuition fees till thesis defence or final clearance, i.e some students spend more than 2 years. All these being equal, any Master student that spends the stipulated time of 18 months should pay a tuition range of 200,000 – 300,000 naira depending on the course.  Generally, professional Master degree programme are costly.


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