Unilag Sandwich Second Batch Entrance Exam To Be Conducted on 30th, June

Share This: Unilag Sandwich exam will be held tommorow June 30th, hope you have Studied the necessary materials like past questions and answers. We all know the reason why an entrance exam is been conducted,reason because Entrance exam is use to reduce population when so many number of people applied for the programme. You are […]

When Will Unilag 2018/2019 Postgraduate Programme Academic Session Begins

Share This: The article on this post arise as a result of advance preparations for all Applicants, the sales of the Unilag Postgraduate application form will last for 2 months after which the Entrance exam will commence, the exam will last for two weeks due to the total number of applicants and postgraduate department. This […]

Total Number Of Candidates Admitted Into All Department In Unilag Postgraduate Programmes

Share This: Based on popular demand I have decided to create a unique post for all those who intend applying for Unilag Postgraduate programme, who want to know their chances of survival in their various departments. This will give you some heads up so as to prepare yourself thoroughly, and dont forget to order for […]

All Enquiry On Unilag Postgraduate Programme in Educational Administration, PGD, M.Ed, M.phil, PHD

Share This: The Department of Educational Administration’s programmes include Post—Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Educational Administration and Planning; Master of Education)n (M.Ed.) degree in Educational Administration and Planning; Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree in Educational Administration/Planning and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Administration /Planning. Our postgraduate programmes include specialization n Educational Administration, Educational Planning, Economics […]

Unilag HRDC Programmes, Requirements, Lectures Venue and Tuition Fees

Share This: Unilag HRDC is a programme that is meant for people who want to acquire a Diploma Certificate in Unilag. Below are various programmes offered by the Centre: DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION DURATION: Two (2) academic sessions FEES: N 80,000 per Session        Course Materials:   N 10,000 LECTURE VENUE: Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University […]

What is The Duration For Unilag Dli Unilag Weekend Part-Time Programme

Share This: The Unilag dli unilag programme was created with the sole aim of giving Opportunity to those who are finding it difficult to work and school, the programme is so flexible that you can work and still school conveniently. The dli programme is a programme that allows you to acquire a B.Sc degree without […]

All Enquiry On Unilag Postgraduate Programme in Economics, PGD, M.SC, M.Phil, PHD

Share This: The University of Lagos, Department of Economics programmes are among the leading academic programmes in Nigeria; indeed they are recognized and highly rated as some of the best. Thereare four programmes: Part-Time Postgraduate Diploma in Economics, Master of Science (M.Sc), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). The department continues to […]