All Enquiry On Unilag Postgraduate Programme in Chemistry, M.SC, M.Phil, PHD

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The Department of Chemistry offers graduate programmes leading the degrees of Master of Science (M.Sc.) Master of Philosophy M.Phil..) and Doctor of Philosophy with emphasis on any of the traditional areas of Chemistry namely; analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. In addition the following courses are available.
* Master of Environmental Management — MEM
* Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry M.Sc. Environmental
* Master of Science in Chemistry) Analytical Chemistry (M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
* Master of Science in Chemistry
* Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry
* Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
* Ph.D. Chemistry Organic! Inorganic/Physical

In addition to the minimum requirements specified in the Postgraduate School regulations, the following rules apply:
(a) For the M.Sc. Degree: The course is open to candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry of this university or other approved universities. In special cases, non ‘IES closely related subjects Chemistry graduate in and Chemistry majors in Education may be considered.

(b) For the M.Phil Degree: The course is open to candidates having;
(i) A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with minimum of Second Class Upper Division.
(ii) A good M.Sc. in Chemistry or equivalent qualification.

(a) For the Ph.D. Degree: The course is open to candidates who already possess a degree on Master of Philosophy or its equivalent.

The course is open to candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering or Science — based courses or other approved University.

The course is open to candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Biochemistry; Chemical Engineering of this university or other approved universities.

The course is open to candidates who possess a Masters Degree in Chemistry or Environmental Chemistry.

The course is open to candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry of this University or other approved Universities and satisfy all other requirements stipulated in the regulation of the School of Postgraduate Studies.

The course is open to candidates who possess M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry.
The Department has the right to deny provisional admission offered if other Departmental requirements are inadequate.

Survey of Analytical Methods; Soil and Water Environment; Laboratory Management and Safety Practices; Air Analysis; Environmental Toxicology; Principles and Concept of Environmental Impact Assessment; Principles of Environmental Auditing; Post- Project Commissioning Assessments; Newer Environmental Management Concepts; Solid Waste Disposal and Management; Microeconomics of Environment; Macroeconomics of Environment and Policy; Environmental Law; Statistical Basis of
Research Methodology; Advanced Environmental Microbiology; Concept, Issues and techniques of Social Impact Analysis; Contemporary Issues in Environmental Microbiology; Contemporary Issues in Environmental Management; Environment and Industry Analysis; and Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Course work and project

Master in Environmental Management (MEM) (18 months)
Master Science in Environmental chemistry (12 months)
Master Science in Analytical chemistry (12 months)
Master Science in Chemistry (12 months)
Master of Philosophy (4 semesters) minimum
Doctor of Philosophy (6 semesters) minimum.

The chemical industry employs a huge number of environmental chemists to ensure that a given company is in compliance with government regulations. Government agencies especially environmental protection agencies hire chemists for environmental work. Waste management companies and consulting firms employ such chemists and environmental management experts to do consulting or remediation work. They are also in good demand from academia to government and from chemical companies to firms that specialize in cleaning up hazardous waste. Analytical chemists are employed in every part of the chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, food, and waste management industries as well as in government and private consulting laboratories and with vendors of chemical instrumentation. Analytical chemists are employed in all aspects of chemical research in industry, academia, and government. Inorganic chemists are employed by industries based on inorganic materials such as mining companies, microchip or computer manufacturers, and ceramics makers. Organic chemists are employed by pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, consumer product, petroleum, and other industries small or big Physical chemists find employment in a wide range of settings, including almost every industry, government agency research institute, and educational institution. Industries employing physical chemists are as diverse as plastics, ceramics, catalysis, electronics, pharmaceuticals, surfactants and colloids, and personal care products. Materials science, nanoscale science, and chemical biology are growing areas for physical chemists. Education is also an important area of employment; Colleges and Universities are hiring chemists. Research and development is the primary opportunity in industry.


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    ( - 6:23 pm)

    With 2.1 in chemistry education can I apply for m SC in analytical chemistry


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    please, how/where can i get the past questions for Environmental Chemistry

    sherif abolarin

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    With a 3rd class and 3 years related working experience, can i get admitted?


    ( - 8:57 am)

    2.2 in biochemistry can someone apply inEnvironmental chemistry or MEM?


    ( - 5:01 pm)

    Does unilag run part-time msc in chemistry?
    How long is the program?
    Is an entrance exam required for part time?


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    Please, where/how can I get the past question for environmental Chemistry

    Alex Iheakam

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    Please can someone who graduated with 2:2 in industrial chemistry apply for masters in unilag? Please i want to be certain


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    Is there Masters in Industrial Chemistry in Unilag?

    Semiu Adesanya

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    Are masters in analytical chemistry available for distance learning program at unilag?


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    Am an Slt graduate-chemistry option, can I put in for master’s in Analytical chemistry

    Mosuro Adeyanju Damaris

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    Is there Mphil in Analytical chemistry in Unilag? full time or partime?

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