Reasons Why Your Name Was not on Unilag Dli Admission List

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I have been bombarded With the above question ever since the Unilag Dli Admission List was release, I know there is tension everywhere in regard to the dli applicants, but I will go in details the most likely reason you did not get a text or your name didn’t appear on the admission list.


Incomplete Uploading of Documents; before applying for dli there are some certain information you must have searched for, which are how to purchase dli form and also how to register the form online, If you truly gathered some vital information about the form you will be fully aware that at the point of registering the form,  you must have seen the instruction of uploading your documents online, traditionally you are suppose to come your self at the screening ground to get screened by the screening officials, but this year dli introduce another form of screening which is online screening, now you don’t have to be present yourself for the screening but it is been done online, that is why you must upload all your documents so that the online screening officers can vet them properly.

That is why I always advice candidates to come to our office inside Unilag so that we can assist you with the registeration, to God be the glory, this is our 8years of admissions assistance in Unilag,  and you know what that means, we have vast knowledge of how admissions work in Unilag,  so tell your aspiring friends to come to us for proper registration.

What are those documents you are to upload? They are ;

  1. WAEC certificate

  2. Birth certificate via

  3. Secondary/primary school testimonial

  4. And a passport photographs

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most people disregard this vital part of registering the form, i stand to tell that if you don’t upload those documents your name will not be on the admission list.


Names and date of birth on your birth certificate & waec certificate ;  is another aspect of of defaulting the admission rules which can get you no admission, e.g the name on your waec is Kelvin Erhire and on your birth certificate it is been written as Ovie Erhire, Unilag will strongly believe you are not the real owner of either one of the certificates, and also the date of birth on your Waec is 6th December 1981 and your birth certificate or affidavit is carrying  6th December 1991, the result is that your admission will be pending.


Underage; it has been stated on dli official website that if you are below 21 don’t bother to apply for the programme, 21 and below will be disqualify from getting admission.


Late purchase of the form; most of the applicants whose name are on the admission list are the ones who have purchase the form early january-april,  so if you purchase the form in june, dont expect your name to be on the first batch list, wait for the second list, and most especially don’t forget to upload the right documents.


Incomplete waec result; one of the major requirements of unilag dli is to possess minimum of 5 credits in your NECO/WAEC/GCE which must include mathematics and English language and most importantly at least a minimum of credit in the important subject.

Click here>>>> to know each courses , subject  combinations

These above are the likely reasons why you where not given admission, but if you still need my advice on what to do next call 07085881362


If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number 07053125807 or you can drop your questions on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.

For further inquiries and admission assistance call 07053125807/07085881362

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4 thoughts on “Reasons Why Your Name Was not on Unilag Dli Admission List


    ( - 8:09 pm)

    1)Pls how much is d unilag dli form for 2018/2019
    2)and hw much is the total fees to pay as a fresh sty dent
    3) can d sch fees b paid on instalments
    4) if I obtain d form dis month …wat I d probably of getting my name on the admission list?

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    ( - 3:25 am)

    Please what of me that got my form this August, will my name come out in the third batch because its not in thr second batch. Thanks

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