Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Filling Unilag Dli Application Form Online

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By now most of us are all aware that the Unilag dli sales of Admission form is closing end of July, and on the other hand admission list for first batch has been released.

I want to highlight some common mistakes Applicants make when filling the form online,that is why we urge you to come to unilag so that we could assist you with the whole process without making any mistakes

Below are the common mistakes applicants who choose to register the form on their own makes;
1. Failure to upload all documents; one of the most important criteria for getting admission in Unilag dli is to upload all the necessary documents without leaving anyone behind,and those documents are;

Birth certificate

WAEC certificate

Secondary or primary school testimonial

If you don’t upload any of the above documents I just mentioned please just forget about getting the admission.

2. Uploading of the Waec certificate in a different section; there is a special section for uploading WAEC certificate, but many people choose to ignore and upload on the wrong page,the implications is that you might be denied the Admission.

3. Failure to submit the application form online; after purchase of the dli form you are required to fill all aspects of the form and submit online,but some applicants have the habit of just downloading the preview copy,the preview copy shows you to go through the form once more,so that if there is any correction you can easily go back to edit it before submitting.

These three reasons are what make your Admission a difficult task to achieve in Unilag Dli,but if you fill your form properly, you will definitely get admitted.


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