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Yes it is true the 2017 dli Unilag weekend par-time form is out but there is hitch, why the but on the heading? I will let you know, the sales of the form has been published on the news papers and on the official website of Unilag.

The banks have not yet been authorised to receive money for the form,but before the month runs out authorisation will be given to the banks by the school management.

The form will be sold for 18,000 and can only be purchased inside Unilag banks, but first you have to generate a Remita number, from the official site of Unilag.

We have our office in unilag where we assist aspirants in purchasing and registering of the application form, we also check your documents to make sure you don’t get disqualified after purchasing the form, if you are also confused as to what course to pick, we can as well advice on the most suitable to you.our enquiries number: 07053125807

The following programmes are being offered in Unilag Dli:

Dli Unilag B.S.c programme

  1. B.S.c in Public Administration ( 5 Years)
  2. B.S.c in Business Administration ( 5 Years)
  3. B.S.c in Accounting ( 5 Years)
  4. B.S.c in Economics. ( 5 Years)
  5. B.S.c in Education .  ( 6 Years)

Note that each dli course have its own O’level requirements apart from English language and Mathematics, below is a list of Dli courses O’Level requirements:

B.Sc in Business Administration:mathematics,English language,Economics and any other two subjects.

B.Sc in Accounting: mathematics,English language,Economics, Financial, Accounting/commerce  and any other subject.

B.Sc in Public Administration:mathematics,English language,Government and any other two subjects.

B.Sc in Economics: mathematics,English language,Economics and any other two subjects.

B.Sc in Chemistry: mathematics,English language,Chemistry and any other two Science subjects.

B.Sc in Physics: mathematics,English language,physics and any other two Science subjects.

B.Sc in Biology: mathematics,English language,Biology and any other two Science subjects.

B.Sc in Mathematics: mathematics,English language,further Mathematics and any other two subjects.

(II) BIRTH CERTIFICATE: you must have passed 21 years of age before you can run any of the dli programme,but if you are not up to 21, dont worry there is a way we advice aspirants to go about it.

(iii) SECONDARY/PRIMARY SCHOOL TESTIMONIAL: this is also very important for you to run the pogramme, I know some of you will say my school testimonial is at the villiage where I schooled, I have not yet collected mine, I have misplace it a long time ago, if you fall on any of this category, I will say to you don’t bother yourself,because there is a solution to that effect,for those of you that has misplace their Waec or Neco certificate, and you want to retrieve it click on>>> how to recover lost Waec certificate.

(iv) A COLOURED PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH: you must have a coloured passport for the registration process.

All these document being mentioned here must be uploaded during the registration of the form online, so make sure you have them handy.

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU: we the Unilag admission guaranteed make it our main Objective for you to have a successful registration and admission, in the University there is nothing like I already know it all, when coming it is wise you come to us, so that we can scrutinise your document and also advice you on what course you are qualify for and to put in for, we also make you have a successful registration, without making any mistakes or blunder,because any mistake on the form renders it invalid,meaning you will have to purchase another form.

We also go the extra miles of assisting those who don’t live within axis of Lagos or who is either too busy to come around in purchasing the form,that we do base on some contractual agreements call 07053125807 on how to go about it.

Do you also want the past questions and answers? If yes then Call 07053125807 for the PQ.

If there is any information you wish to ask that is not posted here please feel free to call or whatsapp our number 07053125807 or you can drop your question on the comment section I will sure do well to reply you.
For further enquiries and admission assistance call 07053125807/07085881362


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